7 Reasons To Join Digital Marketing Course from Digi Trainer

Covid-19 has wholly rewired our lifestyles. With all of us under house arrest, the attention has shifted towards the digital landscape, offering numerous career opportunities.

Today almost every corporate or persona uses modern technologies, with social influencers popping up from every corner. Business belonging from all domains is heavily influenced by digital marketing today, be it customer service, operations or sales.

There is a high demand for digital marketers across the globe, with companies offering them high paying packages and exclusive benefits. It is why so many people today are aggressively investing in digital marketing courses.

The internet will introduce you to several digital marketing courses that guarantee you successful digital marketing careers.

But how do you know which is the best digital marketing course?

Simple, a fruitful digital marketing course offers you industrial exposure and helps you understand the core values of digital marketing.

Digi Trainer brings India’s most comprehensive digital marketing mastering program to you, where you will be learning the core values and skills required to be a successful digital marketer.

Take a look at the seven reasons why you should join Digi Trainer’s Certified Digital Marketing Professional Course

1) Easy Learning For Everyone
The classes are conducted online, and all you need is a good wi-fi connection with a laptop and you are set.

You can quickly learn from the comfort of your home and become a digital marketing expert in just 40 hours!

Unlike other digital marketing courses that list out specific eligibility for course enrollment, Digi Trainer’s course is open to all students, work professionals belonging from different industry sectors, freshers, and freelancers. All you need is to be passionate about becoming the best digital marketing expert!

2) Industrial Exposure Via Live Projects
The course focuses on making learners industry-ready. Learners get the opportunity to work on a live project at the end of every module, with the live project being relevant to the module covered. Via working on live projects, learners get a hands-on experience of what it is like to work in the digital marketing industry. The live projects equip them with the technical skills and practical knowledge required to be successful digital marketing experts. Our learners can use the experience gained when working on live projects in their actual jobs and become more confident. Working on each live project makes our learners confident and ready to take over the digital marketing world.

3) Exclusive Sessions With Industry Experts
Our learners also interact with industry experts belonging to different digital marketing spheres like SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Via the one-hour live session at the end of each module. The industry experts are experienced digital marketing professionals who advise, mentor and guide our learners on the various digital marketing fields they belong to. These interactive learning sessions helps learners understand the digital marketing industry thoroughly.

4) Affordable Learning
What makes this course one of the best digital marketing courses today is its affordability. You get to work on live projects, interact with industry leaders, learn from an industry-specific curriculum and more at a price of only Rs. 25,999.

5) Industry Relevant Curriculum
The course spans seven modules. Each module covers various digital marketing skills such as social media analytics, content marketing, digital branding, video marketing, SEO, sem, digital analytics, and much more. All topics covered are industry-relevant, helping learners gain the excellent digital marketing skills required to succeed in the Industry. The course is designed to equip the learners with the correct analytical, strategic and practical skills needed in digital marketing.

6) Placement/Internship Opportunities
The course is powered by GBIM Technologies, one of the best digital marketing agencies in Mumbai and offers 100% placement and internship opportunities to its learners. GBIM has successfully worked with several leading brands, which makes their placement outreach strong.

7) Networking With Industry Renowned Experts
The course offers an exclusive 30 minutes live session with Industry renowned and experienced digital marketing experts who are also the CEOs of GBIM Technologies; Mr Dharmesh Patel & Mr Nirlep Patel. Both have individual experience of 16+ years in the digital marketing field and share their journey, knowledge, tips and tricks for being a successful digital marketing expert. A Q&A session will also be held for learners to ask them questions.

Investing in Digi Trainer’s Digital Marketing course will open up new career avenues and help you achieve your dream of becoming a successful digital marketing professional. Don’t miss this opportunity and enrol now!