Psoriasis | My Journey with Deadly Diseases

Psoriasis is a disease that causes patients to develop thick patches of inflamed skin covered with silvery scales. It’s an autoimmune disease that implies that the immunity system becomes overactive and therefore attacks the healthy cells of the body erroneously.

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, patients suffering from psoriasis can have an overactive immune system that speeds up the growth of skin cells. The formation of new skin cells is observed within days rather than weeks. This causes them to build up rapidly on the surface of the skin, which forms the characteristic thick patches and scales commonly known as psoriasis. 

Unfortunately, this was the time when I was too busy with my work and could not strike a proper balance between work and life. It was 2007 and during this time I started itching a lot. It was uncontrollable and I could not do anything to stop scratching myself. Primarily I thought it would be some kind of nasty infection that is causing so much itching. I tried out almost all kinds of home remedies that were known to me, but to no avail. Rather, it became deadlier when blood started oozing out of the places that I was scratching. For me, it was as if all hell broke loose. I had no other option but to visit our family physician who prescribed some medicines and ointments. Well, the relief was temporary as long as the dosage lasted. It was really not working and this is when my father asked me to visit a dermatologist nearby in a place called Kalwa. A few of my friends also recommended this doctor and so I went.

However, to my disappointment, the treatment offered by this dermatologist also failed to stop my suffering. The next thing I did was visit another skin doctor who for the first time explained my condition and the type of disease I have. She told me that this condition is called Psoriasis. I found a way to know more about it and I started my own research on this. I found out that Psoriasis is common and about 2% of people living in the United States suffer from this condition. Most people who get psoriasis have white skin, but the condition develops in people of all races and ethnicity. More findings from my studies indicated that psoriasis may be more common in skin of color than previously thought. Psoriasis is a genetically determined immune-mediated inflammatory disease mediated by T-helper 1 (Th1)/Th17 T cells. With a prevalence of 0.44-2.8 percent in India.

The lady doctor gave me some medicines (Allopathic) for a course of ¾ months, but I saw no big difference in my condition and I was very sad. But when I look back and compare, I feel that between 2008 and 2011 my condition was much better and in control as Psoriasis only affected by back and stomach. Some of my friends recommended another skin doctor from Ghatkopar and with a lot of faith and hope I visited him. He gave me 3 Injections and told me in a promising tone that he will remove this disease permanently from my body. I was quite happy and discussed the same with my family. His promise relieved all of us from the everyday agony well, it is a true fact that when you suffer, your family and close ones also suffer. After some time, the disease was relapsing again on my body causing a lot of discomfort and pain. It so happened that, this time the disease even spread to my feet. Once again, I was let down by a doctor. 

One day, my father was going through a Gujarat Samachar newspaper and read 1 article on Psoriasis. So he told me to read it and visit this Doctor. This doctor visits Mumbai once a month and visits Andheri Lokhandwala. Well, this was the first time that I visited an Ayurvedic doctor. To my relief, I felt good after taking the medicines he gave me. The medicines were expensive which costed around Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 per month. However, I was ready to spend that money on my well being. He would give a little dose of medicines every month so it became a recurring monthly expenditure for me.  My family completely supported me on this and encouraged me to take medicines every month for the cure. 

While visiting this doctor every month for the medicines, he came to know that I head a digital marketing company. He got interested and asked me what exactly means by digital marketing and what kind of services I provide in my company. I explained how I help business owners, doctors, and entrepreneurs to generate leads for their businesses. He found it quite interesting and asked me to give me a proposal. He informed me that he had already hired the service of another digital marketing agency for designing website, hosting, and annual maintenance at a very low price.  So he asked if I would like him to outsource his project to me and if yes, how much would I charge? I offered him a very low quote. This made him realize that his OLD company was cheating. He immediately called up and started yelling at them right in front of me. Here, I would like to share one thing, that I do not work for money only. I love and work very hard to earn but according to me respect is something that takes precedence over everything else. I also observe how a person is behaving with me or anyone else for that matter. On the same day, this doctor told me that he is eyeing the international market and thus he would want me to use digital marketing to acquire international patients. However, there was more to come on that fateful day! I would never forget what he told me after that! He said, “Dharmesh mujhe Psoriasis ke Bakre Lake Do, Jise mujhe Monthly Achi Income Ho” (In Hindi) which meant, help me get hold of the Psoriasis scapegoats from whom I can have a fat monthly income. I was shocked, puzzled, and felt utterly foolish about the whole situation. He too has fooled me like the other doctors previously. Eventually, I learned that Psoriasis is incurable and nothing can cure this disease completely as there is No permanent treatment. Well, I got my feet on the ground at last! 

How our Health Industry works in India

Most of the Skin Doctors and Dermatologists are quite aware of the fact that there is NO Cure for Psoriasis. However, you can keep control over this disease by making some lifestyle modifications. I would now tell you how to do it in this blog. Nevertheless, the most vital question that remains is why are the doctors giving us fake promises of a non-existent cure? Do they have any right to play with our health and psychology? Why are they not coming up with the truth and providing us proper guidance and suggestions on this matter? While I am definitely not the one to stand against a doctor, I would, however, want them to help patients with truth, reality, and information regarding this unique disease. 

Research on Psoriasis Diseases 

In the current pandemic of Covid-19, the World is trying relentlessly to find an Antidote/Vaccine to stop the disaster. I hope they can find it very soon so we can move to our regular life.

However, my question still remains as to why are they not conducting enough research to find a solution for Psoriasis, a disease that not only affects your skin but also disrupts your mental state of wellbeing. People battling psoriasis often go into depression which can have a distressing negative impact on the person as well as his family. Information also says that patients suffering from psoriasis can attempt suicide and are quite prone to foster suicidal thoughts. So it becomes equally important for us to look out for patients suffering from depression and help them get physiological and psychological treatments. I also got into depression and thought about committing suicide because of my condition. But, I have recovered from that mental state for good, once I knew how I can control my disease.  

Who to Consult if you have Psoriasis?

  • Dr. Ambalkar’s Ayurvedic Research Centre – Finally, I got a good Doctor in 2013 reference through my Gym Instructor. Dr. Ambalkar and Its Ayurvedic as well. They provide proper guidance about Psoriasis and if you have Psoriasis on your whole body or you are unable to control the spreading, you can get hospitalized in their facility for a few days for treatments. 
  • Vaidyaraj Anil – I got his reference through one of my client who’s suffering from Psoriasis, He told me about Vaidyaraj Anil and I read a lot about him on his website. Unfortunately, you will not be able to find much about him on the Internet but I must say he is a magician for me. After taking his Herbal medicine my Psoriasis is almost cured and I am eating all my favourite things, however maintaining a balanced diet as well.  

How to Control your Psoriasis? Follow Below Simple Steps.

  • Yoga – Yoga combines controlled breathing, stretching and strengthening exercises, and meditation to help control stress and improve blood flow to areas affected by psoriasis. Yoga can also enhance sleep and improve your mood.
  • Dairy Products – Drink milk once in the morning and at night. I know many articles say dairy products can cause inflammation. For a diet designed for psoriasis, try cutting out whole milk and full-fat cheese, which is rich in saturated fat, and opt for low-fat variety instead. This works for me as I got Vitamins and Energy using Milk.
  • Vegetables – A diet high in fruits and vegetables is recommended for inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis.
  • Exercise / Walking – Control your Weight, So walk or workout at a gym every day for a  minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Bath / OIL – It is recommended that you bathe in warm water. Use Medimix Soap and Himalaya Shampoo to Wash your hair. If you have Psoriasis in Hair then use Selsun shampoo twice a Week and Apply Raw Coconut Oil (NOT Readymade Bottle), If you are not able to find anyone then use Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil. If you are in Mumbai then you can go to Pydhonie Area which is nearby Masjid Bandar and get Row Coconut Oil.
  • Doctor Consultation – Consult a Doctor that I have recommended.
  • Foods to avoid if you have psoriasis
      • Red Meat
      • Processed Foods
      • Alcohol / Smoking
      • Junk Foods (Burger, Vada Pav, Pizza)

Talk to your doctor before you make any changes in the food you eat or changing your lifestyle. As I am just sharing my experience about Psoriasis and I am not an Experts.