How Covid-19 crisis have changed strategies for Digital Marketing?

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  • Total of 5,206,614 cases registered all over the world with America being the worst hit continent with 2,338,124 confirmed cases followed by Europe standing at 2,006,984 cases
  • Daily cases have been at a rise with an average of 109,885 confirmed cases each day.
  • A total of 337,736 deaths recorded, maximum from America.
  • Daily 5,625 deaths being recorded on an average

(All data have been taken from World Health Organisation as of 24th May 2020)

A Brief Analysis

Novel coronavirus or popularly known as COVID-19 has thrown life out of track. Businesses are forced to shut down their production and services and worth trillion dollars have been lost. Millions have been unemployed globally. Each of the individuals on this planet has been affected by the spread and shutdown. The COVID-19 outbreak and shutdown have taught that every business must have an alternative way of proceeding or dealing with the crisis.

The need of the hour is to have solid and effective strategies that would not only work for the companies but also would ensure that these organisations bounce back significantly.

Role of Digital Marketing in COVID-19 Crisis

According to the experts, the outbreak of the pandemic has brought about several strategies that would help businesses to refocus on developing and creating a strong affiliation with the partner companies. Digital marketing has a significant role to play in this. It is expected to guide the businesses on how to re-identify the prospective buyers and have an insight into the latest trends that popular business houses are following. In fact, the COVID-19 crisis has brought about a revolutionary change in the digital marketing strategies making the global market an ‘intelligent’ platform to deal with.

The purpose of the redefining digital marketing strategies has been to address the following concerns on a global platform–

  • Researching on the overall industry traffic trend
  • Framing growth strategies keeping in mind the existing trends
  • Study of the reactions from the different business houses
  • Understanding the global mood and defining the next course of online marketing accordingly

Digital Marketing Strategies even at #StayHome Mode

Different ad agencies and digital marketing companies are transforming the style of their work. Emphasis has been laid on framing effective STRATEGIES. According to the professionals associated with the field, online branding associated with branding has been a major boost for the companies when it comes to building a stable, static platform. Creative digital content, ads, posters, and messages have a lot to do to drive in top-quality traffic.

Strategies need to be framed but before that, it is necessary to know the aim behind these strategies. In this hour of crisis, effective online marketing, or digital marketing strategies work wonders for all sorts of businesses. The purpose behind the strategy should be–

  • To help and guide consumers as well ,apart from selling the products and services
  • To focus on organising events online so that people come to know about the services and goods
  • Strategic plan keeping in mind the future growth
  • Being flexible with the employees.

The following are some of the digital marketing strategies that would help a company to run successfully and smoothly–


Did you know that effective digital campaigns have the potential to raise your business by another 30-35%?

Well, this is applicable when the market is normal. But, does this apply during trying times like the COVID-19 crisis?

Yes. The same is applicable during the crisis as well. Experts say that if not 30% then 20-25% for sure. In fact, it can be even more than that.

The power of digital campaigns must never be underestimated. The global pandemic has, for sure, changed the way of doing businesses.

Digital marketing campaigns have tapped into the potential of society. One of the most effective means is email marketing. Right from alerting the valued consumers to well-wishing them about the pandemic is seen giving the businesses a cutting-edge over their competitors. The feeling of ‘we’re-in-it-together’ sends a positive message and shows the business’s commitment to social care.

Through email marketing businesses can present their future actions establishing good faith amongst the consumers.

  • Google My Business (GMB) Page Updates

One of the ways by which you can send out a message to the consumers or in the market is by updating your GMB page (Google my Business). It is for sure that post-pandemic, you will be coming up with new strategies for your business- new products and services, revised business hours, etc. It is necessary to inform people. Updating the GMB page is one of the effective online marketing ways.

  • #StayConnected through Social Media

It is in this pandemic that each one of us has understood the importance of digitalisation and especially social media. Social media posts and the associated thousands of shares by the netizens would tell us what is happening 10,000 miles away. So, as a business owner, why not to use this social media platform to not only stay connected with your clients through engaging social media posts but also to build another strong consumer base? It brings in top-quality traffic unfailingly.

Yes, nothing can be as effective as social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, each of these media has helped us stay connected in the hours of crisis. Therefore, if you are looking to spread any message regarding a new launch, product, or offer, nothing can beat these platforms.

  • Blogging- An Effective Way to Drive in Consumers

If you are looking for an inexpensive and effective online marketing method, then switch to blogging. It has proved to be not only an efficient way to drive in new consumers but also a reliable way to keep the existing ones engaged. According to the experts, as a change in strategy, you too must change the frequency of blogging. Guest blogging is considered reliable and drives in good and top-quality traffic. In addition to this, equal stress should be laid on creating backlinks. Backlinking defines ranking of a website and hence, to draw awareness regarding your brand or product, create a backlink but refrain from overusing it as backlinking from a spam source can hit the ranking score a lot.


For the successful implementation of changes, a strategy is required. Online digital marketing is a huge field and hence, a business must not skip any of the parameters that would help consumers to hear more about you even when it is COVID-19 Crisis. Though the situation is grim; but a long-term strategy would help businesses to soar significantly.