A Major Twist That Changed My Life

Hi Folks!

This is my first blog on Dharmesh.tech. I would start it by sharing my real-life experience as well as the heart-breaking fact of the medical field. Though I have chosen this medium to share my experience, I never intend to blame or hurt someone’s feelings. It all is just about sharing thoughts that may prove beneficial whoever is reading this.

Every couple wishes to become a parent which is indeed one of the best feelings in the world. Likewise, I and my wife, Ankita, had planned a number of things for our future together and to become parents was on the topmost priority. So, the day came when we came to know that my wife was conceived and it was just a week passed on.

We all were too happy and we both went for the first checkup. I just wanted to let you know that my wife was suffering from VSD which is one of the heart diseases. We consulted top and renowned hospitals in Thane city, paid their huge amount of bills and moved on. We did all check-ups and all reports came absolutely normal.

Then, the time came to consult our Doctor for further treatment of pregnancy. We went to her and what she said was completely unbelievable! She told us my wife cannot conceive a baby ever due to her VSD issues. And if she ever gets pregnant, either she or the baby will survive. Not least, she suggested us doing abortion immediately. What we could do? We both were totally nervous and in despair. I wish no parent should ever face this tough and painstaking situation!

We both came out of the clinic. Ankita, my wife, urged to consult another doctor who had successfully done her VSD operation. So, the next day we were off to Ahmedabad and did thorough check-ups again. What we came to know after the reports made us totally thrilled!!! The doctor conveyed that Ankita can be a mother without having any issue and told us not to worry even a single bit. But as a husband, I was feeling ambiguous. What would I do? Whom should I believe? I did not want to lose the love of my life at any cost. After a while, we decided to consult some more doctors by reference of our relatives. And to our utmost surprise, they shared the same reports to us saying, “Your wife is completely fine and you both can have a healthy baby.” I had mixed feelings of happiness and anxiety.

But the time went on and Ankita completed her 9 months of pregnancy. It was the night of Diwali, the most auspicious Indian festival and my wife was expecting the delivery of the baby. We went to the hospital. The next day around 7 in the morning, she delivered a baby girl.

But our struggle was not over yet!

Our baby did not cry like other normal babies. The doctors did all check-ups and hit her in back. After a couple of minutes, she started crying. Immediately, my mother-in-law called me and congratulated for we had Laxmi at our home. My happiness had no bounds and I gave a sigh of relief.

The doctors, then, shifted our baby girl into another hospital to resolve the rest of the issues. Just after two days, she was discharged from the hospital and we took Ankita and our baby girl at home. Later, we named her Dhani who is today our dancing, mastikhor cutiepie! And we all are living a happy and healthy life together with God’s grace.

Down the line, the moral of this incident is just that ‘Do not believe in just a single doctor’s consultation. Consult another one and cross-check the diagnosis.’

Loads of Love To Dhani & Ankita! I am glad to have both of you in my life.